The Show

Solely Singleton

Solely Singleton is a Magic: the Gathering podcast predominately covering the Cube format.  We strive to inform newer cube owners and drafters while entertaining those community members with more experience.  During each season new episodes are released weekly on Tuesday morning (EST.) You can always check the latest news page for information regarding the next seasonal break.    Solely Singleton releases four seasons each year with approximately 10 episodes per season. Episodes are planned with specific focuses such as drafter oriented or new cube designer episodes. Season are balanced in the types of episodes contained within them to supply everyone with relevant information and entertainment.

The show has grown over the past year from a humble beginning. Transforming from a pair of friends discussing cube with a cheap microphone in a makeshift studio into a pair of friends discussing cube with two much more expensive microphones in a makeshift studio with thousands of weekly listeners with the help of dozens of supporters.  Solely Singleton has become the premier cube podcast with the help of loyal listeners and supportive fans, for whom the hosts are eternally thankful.

The Hosts



Brad has been playing nerdy games his entire life along with his friend Eric.  While at university in 2009 he saw some other students playing a card game he remembered playing as a kid and decided to learn how to play again.  By the end of the week he had convinced his friend to buy a set of Zendikar Intro decks at the local store and learn to play this “Magic” game with him.  Within 12 months he was playing in loca FNMs and PTQs while building piles of cheap EDH decks. At this point he made the grave mistake of looking into a format called Cube.  Over the next few months Brad bought and traded for every remotely playable card he could find and consumed every second of Cube content he could get his hands on. The terrible first iteration of his cube was soon born, and his wallet would never truly recover.  Many discoveries of personal taste and changes in design philosophy later he thought he might finally have some intelligent thoughts cube.

Eight years later, he lamented the lack of quality cube content and decided to try his own hand at it.  With the amazingly persuasive sentence, “We should make a podcast.” he managed to convince Eric to humor him once again.  Thus began their next adventure into the world of podcasting.



Eric started playing StarCraft about a year after Brood War was released in 1999 when he was just starting Middle School. After playing through the campaigns several times he decided to try playing online. After awhile playing 1v1s he found the treasure that is UMS games. With hundreds of hours spent playing ‘Lurker Defense’ and ‘Run Ling Run’ the only thing that could stop him was when a call interrupted the dial-up connection. Eventually he moved onto other games, particularly FFXI. A lot of FFXI.  Most would say an unhealthy amount of FFXI. When SC2 was announced it was like traveling back in time to the good days, and many hours were again spent playing the campaigns and lurker defense, though less 1v1s.

Nowadays Eric mostly watches StarCraft instead of playing. Luckily StarCraft:Brood War and Starcraft 2 tournaments are seeing a resurgence so there are plenty of games to watch.  He also occasionally plays a card game called Magic, or something like that.