Episode Archive

S1E1 – The Board Game Cube

S1E2 – Ranking Fixing Lands and Archetype Basics

S1E3 – The Cube Introspection Series (Part 1)

S1E4 – The Cube Introspection Series (Part 2)

S1E5 – The Cube Introspection Series (Part 3)

S1E6 – Low Power Planeswalkers (Part 1)

S1E7 – Low Power Planeswalkers (Part 2)

S1E8 – Typical Ratios and Identifying Cube-worthy Cards

S1E9 – Power of the Dollar (Part 1)

S1E10 – Power of the Dollar (Part 2)

S2E1 – The Naya Problem

S2E2 – The Miser’s Cube

S2E3 – XLN Postmortem Review

S2E4 – Quick Evaluation of a New Cube

S2E5 – Cube Spotlight: The Jund Cube and SCD: Jace, Memory Adept

S2E6 – Archetype Sizes

S2E7 – Draft Formats

S2E8 – Cube Roast (Desmadri’s Cube)

S2E9 – Draft Signals

S2E10 – Archetype Discussion: Reanimator

S3E1 – The CubeTutor Controversy

S3E2 – Talking About Cube Updates

S3E3 – Our Pet Cards

S3E4 – SCD: Shine of Burning Rage and The Needs of Different Colors

S3E5 – Ranking The Swords of X and Y

S3E6 – Rivals of Ixalan Postmortem Review

S3E7 – Archetype Discussion: Wildfire

S3E8 – Format Discussion: Cubelet

S3E9 – SCG Con Cube w/ Justin Parnell

S3E10 – An Interview with Gavin Verhey

S3E11 – Commander Deck Tech: The Jackie Chan Deck

S4E1 – SCD: Gonti, Lord of Luxury/Seeding Packs in a Draft Format

S4E2 – MCD: Mono-Colored Utility Lands

S4E3 – DOM Postmortem Review

S4E4 – Cards We Added Late

S4E5 – Archetype Discussion: Artifact Aggro

S4E6 – Ranking the White Walkers

S4E7 – Cube Spotlight: The Custom Cube with Justin Parnell and Ali Aintrazi

S4E8 – The Board Game Cube Update: Fall/Winter 2018-19

S4E9 – Multicolor Section Design Philosophy, Showing Archetype Support

S4E10 – Supporters’ Choice Episode: Traps in Cube Design

S5E1 – The Board Game Cube Revisited

S5E2 – Upgrading New Cubes

S5E3 – Battlebond and C18 Postmortem

S5E4 – Rabblenots

S5E5 – SCD: Ophiomancer

S5E6 – M19 Postmortem

S5E7 – Cube Spotlight: The (WAR) Standard Cube

S5E8 – Cube Drafting 101

S5E9 – Archetype Discussion: Green Ramp

S5E10 – Supporter Decided Episode: Cards We Want Printed

S5E11 (Part 1) – MH1 First Impressions (W,U,B)

S5E11 (Part 2) – MH1 First Impressions (R,G,M,C)

S6E1 – Freeform Cube Chat

S6E2 – SCD: Reclamation Sage & Board Game Cube Update

S6E3 – MCD: “Mana Dorks”

S6E4 – Split Cards: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

S6E5 – GRN Postmortem

S6E6 – Review of CubeTutor Alternatives

S6E7 – Cube Doctor: Rifken’s Cube

S6E8 – Cube as a Museum

S6E9 – Year in Review: 2009

S6E10 – Brawl Discussion with Gavin Verhey

S7E1 – Insuring Your Collection

S7E2 – Playing Favorites: 2010

S7E3 – MCD: Zero Mana Cantrips

S7E4 – Ravnica Allegiance Postmortem

S7E5 – SCGCon Winter 2019 Cube Discussion with Justin Parnell

S7E6 – Cube Draft Goals & Achievements

S7E7 – Top 25 Board Wipes

S7E8 – SCGCon Winter 2019 Story Time

S7E9 – Packages in Cube + SCD: Booster Tutor

S7E10 – Patron Decided Episode: Functional Reprints for Cube

S8E1 – Cube Cobra Interview (Feat. Gwen Dekker)

S8E2 (Part 1) (Part 2) – Theros Beyond Death First Impressions

S8E3 – The Starter Cube Primer

S8E4 – Trade Offs in Cube Design (Feat. Ryan Saxe)

S8E5 – Rainbow Lands in Cube

S8E6 – MYB Playtest Card Design Stories Part 1 (Feat. Gavin Verhey)

S8E7 – MYB Playtest Card Design Stories Part 2 (Feat. Gavin Verhey)

S8E8 – MYB Playtest Card Design Stories Part 3 (Feat. Gavin Verhey)

S8E9 – War of the Spark Postmortem

S8E10 – Patron Decided Episode: The Spooty Peasant Cube Primer

S9E1 – Deck Discussion: Birthing Pod

S9E2 – Conspiracies in Cube

S9E3 – Talismans vs Signets (Feat. Justin Parnell)

S9E4 – Modern Horizons Postmortem Part 1

S9E5 – Modern Horizons Postmortem Part 2

S9E6 – Patron Decided Episode: Pokemon as Cube Archetypes (Yes, really.)

S4BC1 – RNA First Impressions Part 1

S4BC2 – RNA First Impressions Part 2

S5BC1 – WAR First Impressions Part 1

S5BC2 – WAR First Impressions Part 2

S5BC3 – WAR First Impressions Part 3

S6BC1 – M20 First Impressions Part 1

S6BC2 – M20 First Impressions Part 2

S7BC1 – ELD First Impressions Part 1

S7BC2 – ELD First Impressions Part 2

S9BC1 (Part 1) (Part 2) – IKO First Impressions

S9BC2 – C20 First Impressions

S9BC3 – Video Games We Recommend

S9BC4 – Time Capsule: Commander 2011

S9BC5 – Website Spotlight: Archidekt

S9BC9 – M21 First Impressions Part 1

S9BC11 – M21 First Impressions Part 2 + JMP First Impressions