S12E4 – Magic is Dead, Long Live Cube

In this episode of Solely Singleton, Brad and Eric discuss the recent changes that have been announced in regards to Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, and MTG moving forward.  Notably, they bring up Universes Beyond,

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S12E3 – Playing Favorites 2013

In this week’s episode, Brad and Eric are back with more magic the gathering content.  This time, they are returning to the year 2013 to discuss Gatecrash, Dragon’s maze, M14, Theros, and C13.  Come see

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S12E2 – No, My Son’s Name is Also Thwart

This episode, Brad and Eric discuss the many free counterspells. How often should you run them? Which is the best? And furthermore, do they provide good play patterns? Recognizing their existence and finding the correct

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S12BC1 – AMA with the Patron Discord

In this episode of Solely Singleton, we start off the season 12 off-episodes (discussed in S12E0 if you haven’t yet listened) with a return to the live recording night, and an AMA with Brad and

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S12E1 Pt. 1 – KLD First Impressions (Colorless, Multicolored, G)

This is why we don't pity Christian: 00:30 - Intro 2:10 - Colorless 20:05 - Multicolorled 1:26:35 - Green    Show Links:   Season 12 Shownotes   InkedGaming Affiliate Link: https://www.inkedgaming.com/collections/artists/solely-singleton?rfsn=4880595.65410f&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=4880595.65410f   Solely Singleton Website:

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S12E0 – Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

On this very strangely numbered episode of Solely Singleton: Brad and Eric do a meta-podcast about podcasting.  What microphones do they use? What software? How underpaid is Christian? All of these answers are found

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S11BC4 – Gavin Makes An Enemy (ft. Mayonnaise)

Bonus Content? For the masses? It must be the holiday season and the patrons were feeling nice.  After listening, for an extra laugh, this was Christian's Secret Santa present from a patron this year: https://i.imgur.com/2KwYeC6.jpg

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S11E9 – Hot Singletons In Your Area

On this episode of Solely Singleton, Brad and Eric round out season 11 the way they always do: by turning to the patrons!  This season’s patron-decided episode was selected to be the top 10 cards

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