Did you remember to check for traps Listener? I hope so, because the further we delve into Mad Brad’s dungeon, the more fearsome monsters we will face! The hallway before you forks, down one path, you hear the cackling of a possessed peasant! Down the other hallway, the silence is broken by a whisper on the wind. The wind carries the phrase “Sounds good” by your ears and you feel a strange desire to start a Starcraft podcast. You could turn around, but that would mean missing out on the rest of hot takes! So roll for perception and double check your supplies because the riches of the dungeon are almost in your grasp!

00:30 – Intro 00:52 – Red 19:43 – Green 35:33 – Multicolor 42:54 – Colorless 48:55 – Land 01:02:52 – Outro

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